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MDM offers many types of canopies. If you have any questions or if your application is not listed below, give us a call and we'll help you order the perfect canopy for your needs.

Canopies are considered to be great, in fact, amazing for those looking to store, cover, or even spruce up the lawn, the backyard, or the over all appeal they want their property to have. These canopies can also be used to store a car to keep the weather from being dreaded as much around your house hold, and what an absolutely splendid feeling it is to actually enjoy the rain or the snow for once. Canopies can take away that feeling of junk and clutter in the front yard, where your garden hose, rake, summer time sprinkler, and lawn gnome once were, is now a cramped and cluttered mess and the spouse just can't handle another stubbed toe or nasty look from the neighbor.

Types of Canopies

Portable Canopy
Boat Canopy
RV Camper Canopy
Carport Canopy
Canopy Party Tent
Pickup Truck Canopy
Outdoor Canopy
Portable Car Canopy
Triple Canopy

The typical story for those without the handy help of canopies in their lives are ones of great frustration and angst against keeping neat, and the immense wanting for being the tidy one on the block. Perhaps even the best, is thought to be out of reach, therefore, out of mind. That can all be changed, and canopies are here to the rescue, with their availability and style, easy assembly and affordability, for any and all wanting to be the neatest house in their neighborhood. Canopies can cover not only cars and lawn matter, but they can be a great place to get away from the sun, or to throw a fantastic summer party or two. Why, canopies can store you excess holiday decorations, or even those pesky tools you want out of the garage so badly!

Canopies are available for those that want a change, that want some more space, and even want a little piece of mind, knowing that their yard looks as pristine as the day you bought it, and boy, won’t that feel great. Parties, garden storage, car storage, tool storage, décor storage, you name it, and canopies can do the job. Rain or shine, frosty snow or sun shining rays, these wonderful inventions can lighten any mood when to the breaking point with a pile of things you need, but never want to see. Subtle and simple to look at, canopies can hide the eyesores that detract from your chance at having your yard and home gracing the front pages of the leading homes magazines, and better yet, your things will be protected in the best way possible!

Why Purchase Canopies from MDM?

Canopies by MDMHighest Quality In Fabric Canopies - MDM's canopies are made of a 10 oz industrial grade rip-stop poly that is ultra-violet ray treated on both sides to prevent sunlight from deteriorating the covers. These covers will last years in the sun. Rip-stop poly means if you were to get a tear in the cover, the rip will not continue. We also offer our covers in three attractive colors green ,gray and tan to match your landscaping. All three colors have a white interior which makes for a bright inside. Only MDM Products LLC's fabric is flame-resistant and meets California fire code CPAI-84. Many of our customers run heat inside their garages to keep warm while working in their portable workshop.

MDM's Canopies Offer Galvanized Steel Frames - MDM's Canopies use only high quality galvanized structural steel tubing that is designed not to rust. Most other manufacturers powder coat their steel, which is basically a cheap way to cover black raw pipe and make it appear galvanized. Powder coating, once chipped or scratched, may rust within 24 to 48 hours. Our frames are also pre-drilled and are assembled with carriage bolts so that there are no power tools required during assembly. Average installation time on the one car garage is 2 hours with two people the first time setting it up. We make two styles, house and round. Both styles are designed with heavy duty, galvanized steel frames to withstand snow and high winds.

Secure Cable Hook Anchors - We use a cable hook anchoring system. Each anchor is 3 feet long and the cable is made of stainless steel. This prevents rusting. It's driven into the earth with a 3 foot long drive rod that fits into the head of the anchor. Each cable earth anchor has a 1200 pound pull out ratio. Other companies use augers that are only 6 inches long and they are very difficult to screw into the ground and may pull out easily.

With MDM Shelters' Canopies, Our Standard Is Their Premium - Double zippers or triple zipper doors are MDM standard front and back on all our buildings at no extra charge. Other companies only include one double zipper door and will charge you $60.00 extra for a door in the rear. We like our customers to have access from either end. This also allows cross ventilation. Door hold up kits front and back are also standard on basic one car garages. Doors can be easily rolled out of the way and fastened with bungee cords. Other companies will charge you $40.00 extra per door just to hold the door up. Colors are no extra charge because we want our canopies to match your landscaping or your house. Green ,gray, or tan are standard choices. Other companies will charge you 10% extra to change the material run. We think the colors should be your choice, not ours. Anchors are very important to us because we don't want your buildings to blow away. Once again this feature is standard in our kits. The cable hook anchors are designed to be used on asphalt or dirt. Other companies will charge $8.00 per cable hook anchor and $10.00 for the drive rod. Our 10 oz fabric cover is standard on all our buildings. Most companies use only 7oz or 8 oz and will only last 1 or 2 years. Other companies will charge 40 % more of the overall price to upgrade to 12 ounce.

Images of Canopies

Party Canopies Storage Shed Canopies

Steel Building vs Tension Fabric Covered Buildings

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