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MDM Shelters Provides Emergency Tents for Humanitarian Efforts

MDM Products, LLC has been providing the best in portable shelters, such as portable garages, hothouses and party canopies since 2001. Recently, MDM has developed a new product designed specifically for humanitarian relief efforts in stricken areas the Disaster Relief Tent. MDM Shelters has begun a partnership with the United Nations to provide these tents to areas stricken by wars or natural disasters that result in large numbers of displaced people who need emergency shelter.

The RhinoShelter® Disaster Relief Tents were specifically created to meet and exceed the specifications for relief tents required by humanitarian relief agencies.

whychoose A couple of years ago, the United Nations established a new fund that would expand the organization's global disaster response capabilities. The purpose of the fund was to give the U.N. the capital and equipment to send relief supplies quickly and in bulk to areas that needed it. The fund allocates quickly-accessible money to get relief efforts under way almost instantly, instead of waiting for donations to be gathered. With their simple and versatile design, Rhino Shelter Disaster Relief Tents are part of this effort.

In developing this emergency shelter, MDM focused on creating emergency shelters that were solid and well-insulated enough to house victims in a number of different challenging environments, from cold and wet to hot, dry and windy areas; at the same time, the shelters don't require power tools and are intuitive enough to be assembled in a short time. Like all MDM products, these tents have frames of heavy-duty galvanized structural steel. The cover and door flaps are made of rip-stop, UV-resistant, fire-resistant PVC vinyl. For maximum comfort, the tents also have a rubber-backed fabric floor that is waterproof and comfortable.


Instant Emergency Shelters
  • Hurricanes
  • Floods
  • Tsunami
  • Snow/Blizzard
  • Landslide/Mudslides
  • Thunderstorms/Lightning
  • Earthquakes
  • Wildfires
  • Volcanoes
  • Tornadoes
Disaster Relief Tent

(18'W x 32'L x 15'H)
Retail: $4,200.00

Our Price: $4,130.00 orderbutton

Premium Fabric 18.1 oz/ sq yard (21.5oz/ sq meter).
Includes Heavy Duty Structural Steel frame with removable center pole and roof truss for extra strength. Also includes doublefly cover for extra protection and ventilation purposes.

MDM relief tents can easily accommodate up to forty people. They can be assembled in under an hour, and require no drilling or hand tools. Due to their simplicity, quality and versatility, the RhinoShelter rapid-deployment humanitarian relief tents are perfect for the United Nations and any other disaster relief agency.

RhinoShelter® Protective Enclosures & Portable Buildings are Built Better

  1. Our all stainless steel nuts and carriage bolts won't rust and break from stress on the frame.
  2. 100% galvanized structural steel tubing for our frames won't rust stand up to high winds and heavy snow.
  3. Our covers are manufactured with heavy duty 10 ounce rip stop polyvinyl with extra U.V treatment and fire retardant. Also our material has a black inner scrim to prevent sun light from penetrating through the material. These two benefits are the most important to making a good cover last in extreme weather conditions.
  4. Drum tight covers add years to the life of your building and helps snow slide right off.
  5. All our shelters come standard with cable hook anchors and a drive rod for anchoring. Properly set, this secures your building with a 1200 lbs pull out ratio.
  6. Each shelter comes with a double zipper door panel with two zippers sewn into each end.
  7. We offer three colors for most sizes. The choices are green gray and tan. There's no extra fee for your choice of color.
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