Marketing on the Internet

Getting a website is just the first step. Once you have a website, like having a house, you need a walkway so people can get from the street to you front door. The search engines provide lots of traffic, you just need to capture the attention of the right passersby.

This type of service is called Search Engine Optimization, which just means that you focus different your website on certain keywords that you can expect potential customers to search for. PenTech does this all the time! If you are a local dealer, you can more easily ensure that your website ranks well for specific searches pertaining to your specific region.

So while we build your website, make sure you are talking to us about what can be done from the outset to earn your website traffic from search engines!

What does it mean to have PenTech Consulting on your side?

Let's say you are a small Internet Retailer, with a website. You know enough about the Internet to handle your entire order fulfillment, communicate with your distributors and customers, buy advertising and monitor your industry. Basically you know how you want to be represented but you need experts to make it happen.

PenTech comes in and relieves you of the burden of managing your website. We are the professionals at this and by consulting with you about your business goals, we are in the best position to create the online functionality that will help your company make the best use of your website to communicate with your customers, broaden your audience and earn new business.


PenTech will ensure that your products or services are displayed in the most appropriate fashion in regards to what your audience will be looking for. We can program, test and deploy solutions for customer feedback management, payment management and order tracking and managing your product database.


One of our greatest strengths is outside-the-box web application creation. In addition to writing your press releases and newsletter and coming up with innovative ways to distribute materials to your audience, we focus particularly on natural search engine traffic, positioning your solutions in front of potential customers, right when they are most interested.


Perhaps writing isn't your strongest talent. Many business owners are far better on the phone than they are writers, and PenTech understands. We have spent years representing business owners like you and some of them haven't written a single word on their websites in years! As your online management partners, you can rely on us to dot your i's and cross your t's because the success of your business increases the value of our partnership.

Strategic Support & Consulting

When little companies become bigger companies, business owners start to have new issues for which PenTech can share these new burdens and explore with you new ways to extend your Internet presence and handle current and future issues in the most professional manner.


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